Get Ready for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is an exciting time for parents as well as for children. As your child prepares to take another step forward along their learning path, they will come across many new experiences and motivating challenges.

Our 'Get Ready for Kindergarten' (GRK) programme aims to support and prepare your child for regular schooling through experiential learning of class routines and various different stimulating activities within a classroom setting.

We are also pleased to announce that not only will our GRK students be taking part in daily phonics classes to help enrich and enhance their linguistic skills and shape their interest for language; there will also be opportunities for taking part in Putonghua classes too. Creative games and songs will be entwinned into the language classes which will surely bring them to life!

We not only strive to deliver a language rich environment for your children to build their confidence in communicating with others, but with love and positivity, children will be able to better manage their feelings and behaviour when faced with a range of different situations and scenarios.

Last but not least, a series of take-home learning materials for the parent-child game at home have been designed to help nurture and strengthen the loving bond between parents and children.