Hampton Loft


10-19 months

A hands-on learning experience has been proven to be one of the more effective ways of learning. Our Wibble Wobble programme is brimming with activities that are suitable to children and aims to provide them with enriched opportunities to learn and experience through play.

At this stage, children are building their muscle strength, developing their body coordination and sense of balance. By exploring with their senses, children's receptive language, large and small muscle movements of the body and social interaction are promoted.

To meet children's developmental needs, the course provides ample opportunities for children to practise body control and other gross motor skills, such as crawling and walking whilst playing with a variety of carefully selected everyday materials in a safe and relaxing environment with their caregivers. Multisensory games will also be incorporated in the course as sensory stimulation plays an enormous and fundamental part in children's learning during the early years.

Exploration and discovery don't just take place in the classroom though. Little Habs has put together a series of take-home learning materials as parent-child games, promoting positive parent-child interaction and stronger family bonds at home.


20-24 months

The activities within our Bubble Bobble programme are jam packed with opportunities for children to develop and build on their fine motor and gross motor skills.

As children's body muscles become stronger, they are capable of basic movements such as stretching, jumping, throwing and catching. Our 'Creative Fun Time' integrates a range of activities which allow children to practise their gross motor skills in our spacious play area. With the use of everyday materials, like balloons and cardboard boxes, creative games and tasks have been designed for children to practise these large muscle movements in a relaxing and safe environment with their caregivers.

In the classroom, children will take part in a selection of theme-based activities aimed at enhancing fine motor skills, problem solving and social-emotional communication abilities. Early maths and science concepts such as colour, size and basic rote counting are also regularly integrated into all of our games and activities.

The fun doesn't stop there though, we have also carefully and lovingly planned a series of take-home learning materials as parent-child games which will help nurture and strengthen the bond between parents and children.


25-29 months

Kindergarten is an exciting time for parents and children alike. As your child prepares to take the next step along their learning path, they will come across many new experiences and motivating challenges.

Our ‘Get Ready for Kindergarten’ (GRK) programme aims to support and prepare your child for regular schooling through experiential learning of class routines and various stimulating activities within a classroom setting.

We are also pleased to announce that not only will our GRK students be taking part in daily phonics classes to help enrich their linguistic skills; they will also take part in Putonghua classes too. Creative games and songs will be entwined into the language classes to ensure the lessons come to life!

While the language-rich environment will help children become confident communicators, the loving and non-threatening selling creates a safe place for children to start exploring and managing their feelings and behaviours, enhancing their emotional quotient.

Last but not least, a series of take-home learning materials for the parent-child game at home have been designed to help nurture and strengthen the loving bond between parents and children.

Parent Seminar