About Us

Learning Habitat (LH) is a premier education institution who have been providing high quality bilingual pre-primary education since 2000. LH understands that having a community which embraces love and positivity would provide invaluable support for families in managing and overcoming child rearing challenges. To help motivate parents to succeed in building happy family lives and strengthen the family unit so all family members across the generations will thrive and grow, LH has established the “Learning Habitat Families” with the following mission:

  • to cultivate a community with love and positivity
  • to equip parents with practical parenting knowledge and skills through experiential learning
  • to provide a platform to connect parents, early years educators and professionals
  • to provide educational resources for parents and stimulating activities for children.

To implement the above mission, we have set up our first centre at Hampton Loft in Tai Kok Tsui, which comprises Habitat and Little Habs.

Habitat is the venue for organising parenting programs, seminars and workshops exclusively for parents of Learning Habitat Kindergarten & Bilingual Nursery.

Little Habs offers playgroup for children.